Mount Olivet Cemetery
1342 East 5th South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84102-3225
Mount Olivet Cemetery Price list 2024

Mount Olivet Cemetery has thousand of graves available for sale.  All of our graves are for below ground burials.  

Single Grave with flat marker privilege    1,600.00
Cremation Grave with flat marker privilege​ 800.00
Infant Grave with flat marker privilege  800.00
6 Grave Lot with monument privilege     20,500.00

2nd Grave Rite Burial for cremation on an existing grave ​800.00

Opening and Closing burial fees

Adult opening & closing fee  1,000.00
Cremation opening & closing fee ​500.00
Infant opening & closing fee  500.00

Weekday service to be completed by 3:00 p.m.

Saturday  fee    300.00 
Saturday service to be completed by 2:00 p.m.

Mount Olivet Cemetery requires cement vaults for full body burials and fiberglass vaults for cremation burials.  You may purchase your vaults through us or through your mortuary.

Vault Prices

Standard Top Seal Vault  650.00
Vault setting fee ​200.00
Cremation fiberglass vault     175.00

Marker size restrictions:

Single marker no larger than 12"x24" end to end ​setting fee         200.00
Double marker no larger than 18"x32" end to end setting fee         400.00 
Vase fees                                                                                           75.00

Cement foundation fee for monuments.60 per square inch